Simplified Technology Integration for K-12

Technology Training For Teachers

- by Karen Speier, Ph.D.
Teacher and Learning Consultant

A great deal of money is being spent on computer equipment and internet access for schools. However, these tools are not the end, rather the means, to developing critical thinking skills and creativity. In short, they can help teachers ... to help students ... to fall in love with learning!

Yet, who is training the teachers?...Here's a site that will provide links to skills you need to help your students make technology work for them... Just scroll down and select from this rich list of sites!

Tammy's Technology Tips for Teachers

Tools for Integrating Technology Into The Curriculum...
Learning to BUILD with Information
Create your own learning activities
Connections+ consists of Internet resources--lesson plans, activities

Web Site Development Tools...
Basic HTML Tutorial
Creating WEB Based Learning Pages (Filamentality)

Technology In Education Networking...
Network of K-12 teachers addressing technology integration planning

Internet Research Tools...
The World's Most Private Metasearch engine
Web and networking tips, search engines, etc..
Modern Language Association of America(MLA) Style